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Constructing a standardized global IT infrastructure to meet a trading company's business needs Service: Arcstar Universal One Enterprise Cloud Nexcenter Global Management One MITSUI & CO., LTD. Mistui & Co., Ltd. is Japan's representative general trading company. Utilizing its network and information resources around the world, it pursues business ranging from product sales and worldwide logistics and financing to the development of major international projects around the world. To support its diverse business, Mitsui recently began renewing its complex IT infrastructure, which was separately constructed and operated by the head office and group companies, to create a single globally optimized IT infrastructure shared by the entire group. General Manager Mr. Isao Ueda told us, "Our global network consists of 138 offices and 462 subsidiaries and associated companies in 65 regions* 1 . As a general trading company, our mission is to meet the needs of society and connect countries with customers, people with things and business with information. Toward this end, it became necessary for us to seamlessly connect our offices and business hubs." In 2011, Mitsui began standardizing its communication network among overseas offices and centralizing management of local carriers. However, in some emerging countries there were unavoidable problems in the level of service, such as in the quality of telecommunications and troubleshooting. "Our goal was to create an environment that gives all employees the same IT service around the world, wherever they work. To expand our global network and deal with post M&A alliances between companies, we needed an IT infrastructure that would swiftly self evolve in response to changing management environments. This explains why our IT infrastructure renovation project was launched," says Mr. Ueda. *1 As of October 1, 2016 Customer profile Name: Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Revenue: JPY 9,616,821 millions (as of March 31, 2016) Business: Japan's leading general trading company that operates businesses around the world centering on six major business domains; metals, machinery & infrastructure, chemicals, energy, lifestyles, and innovation & corporate development. URL: Isao Ueda Associate Officer General Manager of Information Technology Promotion Division Mitsui & Co., Ltd. " E v e n a f t e r t h e n e w I T i n f r a s t r u c t u r e i s constructed, this project will carry on for many years via operation and maintenance services. We selected NTT Communications because we t r u s t t h e y a r e a r e l i a b l e c o m p a n y w i t h a d e d i c a t i o n t o s e c u r i t y a n d w i l l c o m m i t themselves to this long-term project." Case Study Benefits Challenges Solution - Standardizing transmission quality and troubleshooting worldwide - Enhancing flexibility and scalability in our business foundation - Build a communication service infrastructure that serves all offices worldwide - Form a strong Project Promotion Team to promote standardization - A standard IT environment for all 138 offices worldwide - A seamless environment that enables operational reform Challenges Preparing for global optimization of the IT infrastructure Further standardization of the communication infrastructure

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